Announcing the Parkhill 2016 Spring (No-Sell/No-Bake) Fundraiser!!


You may be cringing as you read this announcement and wondering what kind of horrors you will have to endure in order to support your children’s school.


Will you have to spend hours in the kitchen (or at your local bakery) preparing yummy treats? Will you sell the latest designer wrapping paper door to door while your child watches your hardwork from the sidewalk? Those days are over.


The great thing is you have plenty of time to work this into your budget. Donations will be accepted beginning now through the month of May. Feel free to share this with your relatives as well. Each and every dollar raised will go towards things like school outings (dances, field day) and educational items not provided by the District. You would be amazed by the necessities that are not provided.


Please click on the below link to access the page and thank you in advance for your support! Should you have any questions or comments, send those communications to or or access the online store directly.


Thank you!!!